The famous Chilean winemaker Álvaro Espinoza founded CHONO in 2004 with the idea of offering wines that would take consumers on an emotional journey through the most interesting denominations of origin that Chilean wine has to offer.

Chono has been a part of Chile’s flourishing modern wine industry from the beginning. And given the quality of its wines, its identity associated with Chile’s indigenous peoples, in 2009, the renowned agricultural entrepreneur and founder of Viña Sutil Juan Sutil decided to take control of the project to show the potential of Chile as a high-quality denomination of origin both domestically and internationally.

The Chono people are essentially nomadic, and that characteristic is reflected in the wines, which are not restricted by origin, but rather by the quality expressed in our vineyards from vintage to vintage.

Each of our vineyards has been carefully selected and planted to specific varieties so that each terroir expresses all of its character and fruit potential.

The Chono People

CHONO is the name of the indigenous group that originally inhabited the Chono Archipelago in Chilean Patagonia. They moved constantly from island to island, with no fixed residence, and spent a large part of their lives in their dalcas, the canoe-like boats they used to move from one spot to the next.

Charles Darwin described the Chonos as intrepid pioneers and great loaders, characteristics that also describe our team of viticulturists and winemakers who constantly travel around Chile in search of the best places to create exceptional wines.